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Stellite Family: Stellite

Stellite 6 is our most popular alloy as it provides a good balance of all of these properties. The Stellite alloys retain their properties at high temperatures where they also have excellent oxidation resistance. They are typically used in the temperature range 315 – 600 C 600 – 1112 F . They can be finished to exceptional levels of ...

Stellite Family: Deloro

Stellite Family: Deloro. The Deloro alloys are nickel based with additions of typically Cr, C, B, Fe, and Si. They cover a very wide range of hardness from soft, tough, build-up alloys that are easily machined or hand finished to exceptionally hard, wear-resistant alloys. They maintain their properties up to temperatures of about 315 C ...

Gate Valves for Cameron Style ‘FC’ Gate Valve Drilling ...

Cameron Style ‘FC ... 36-7/8” 44” ... CC-General Service AISI 410 SS AISI 410 SS AISI 410 nitrided Stellite DD-Sour Service Low alloy steel AISI 410 SS AISI ...

Stellite - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Stellite. Stellite 6 is a Co-base wear resistant alloy containing 1% C, 27% Cr, 4.7% W, and 0.9% Si. The Co-Cr-W system alloy retains its hardness at elevated temperatures and is especially effective for wear appli ions at high temperatures or in a corrosive environment, and are widely used as a wear-, corrosion-, and heat-resistant material 43 .

Technical Data

Stellite 12 HF 316 316 316 4/3 316/Full Stellite 16 HF HF 316 316 5 Monel 9 NiCu NiCu NiCu NiCu Corrosive services to 750º F. 5/2 Monel/Half Stellite 11 HF NiCu NiCu NiCu 5/3 Monel/Full Stellite - HF HF NiCu NiCu 6 Alloy 20 13 A20 A20 A20 A20 Corrosive services to 300º F. 7 Bronze - BRZ BRZ BRZ BRZ Water, gas or low pressure steam to 450º F ...

Cameron’s Rapid Response Centre in Europe

8 13 chrome against stellite 6 facing A276 410 or 420 CR HF 9 Monel Monel Monel Ni-Cu 10 316 316 A276 316 18/10/2002 11 Monel against stellite 6 facing Monel HF-NI 12 316 against stellite 6 facing A276 316 - 13 Alloy 20 Alloy 20 B473 - 14 Alloy 20 against stellite 6 facing B473 - 15 Stellite 6 facing Stellite 6 facing A276 304 -

PDF Wear Characteristic of Stellite 6 Alloy Hardfacing ...

The microstructure of Stellite 6 alloy coating mainly consists of α -Co and Cr, Fe 7 C 3 phases. The friction coefficient of Stellite 6 alloys fluctuates slightly under different loads at 300 ...

PDF Wear and Corrosion Properties of Stellite-6 Coating ...

ance of bare NAB alloy and stellite-6 coating under the dry . ... 36 . Stellite-6 is commonly composed of elements such as . W, Cr and a certain amount of C. Cr as the major alloying .


ALLOY 625 UNS N06625 60Ni-22Cr-9Mo-3.5Cb ASTM B564-N06625 ASTM B564-N06625 DIN 17361 2.4865 C276 UNS N10276 54Ni-15Cr-16Mo ASTM B564-N10276 ASTM B574-N10276 DIN NiMo 16 Cr 15 W2 .4819 17/4PH UNS S17400 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb ASTM A705 UNS S17400 ASTM A564 UNS S17400 X5CrNiCuNb17-4-41 .4548 St. Gr6 UNS R30006 Co Cr-A AMS 5894 Stellite R Gr6

High temperature wear and corrosion ... -

The developed alloy exhibits an excellent metal on metal wear resistance and also causes less wear on the mating nitrided 310SS alloys at 482 C revealed by Cameron–Plint test. The new alloy demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance to 65% HNO 3 oxidizing acid at 66 C, to 10% H 2 SO 4 reducing acid at 102 C and to 5% HCl reducing acid ...

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